TLDR Installation

Download from GitHub

Download the latest release from Github for the render pipeline that you are using (Only install one version).

Compatible Unity versions:

  • 3D - Unity 2019.4.11f1 or above.

  • URP / HDRP - Unity 2020.3 or above.


Latest Release


HDRP Latest Release


URP Latest Release


3D Latest Release

Unpack the files

Unzip the files into a safe directory of your choice (you’ll need to keep the package files).

7zip is the best tool for this.

Install into Unity

Open the package manager by using hte top menu Window -> Package Manager.

In the package manager window click the plus sign in the top left corner and choose ‘Add from File’.

Navigate the file browser to your unpacked files and select the package.json file click select and then let it install.


You should now have the Reallusion top menu option. You can safely delete the files you unpacked earlier.


Open the package manager (Window -> Package Manager) select the ‘CC/iC Unity Tools package’ and click Remove (bottom right corner).

TLDR Git Install Video

TLDR .zip Install Video